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Written translation

  • Calculation of the length of translation projects
    The standard page in Estonia is 1,800 charcters. The exact number of pages is the easiest to determine in Microsoft Word, by going to the Tools tab, then Word Count sub-tab and obtaining the figure for characters with spaces, then dividing the resulting number shown by 1800.
  • Calculation of the price of translation projects.
    The price is usually calculated based on a complete translation. The length of the completed text is frequently different in length (often longer) than the source text, but this will vary from language to language.
  • Proofreading and linguistic editing of texts.
    No changes to the contents or style of a text are made during linguistic editing; only the correspondence of the text to linguistic requirements is accounted for. Spelling, linguistic and typing errors are also corrected.
    In the course of proofreading, the translation is compared with the original text and all factual, content-related and linguistic oversights or issues are rectified, keeping fluency as well as the logical structure of the text in mind.
    The review stage is the final tidying-up of the edited texts, during which any typing errors that may have slipped through during editing and layout will be ironed out.
    Written translations are carried out by trained professionals who know their field thoroughly, and translations are reviewed before returning to the client. At the client’s request we can lay out the translation with any pictures, schemes, and drawings exactly as they appeared in the original layout.
    The average translation speed of written texts is 4-6 pages per day. We can also carry out urgent or express projects, if necessary, but due to the limited time-frame here, we cannot always guarantee that the quality check of the translation will be to the same high standard as a regular job.
    We also provide a layout service. According to the client’s wishes, the material to be translated will be returned exactly as it was in the original, which is to say with any pictures, schemes, tables, and drawings of the source text intact as they were presented.

Oral translation

  • We provide unobtrusive (ie. soft-voice or whispered) simultaneous interpreting, regular simultaneous interpreting, and consecutive interpreting. Ask for our price offers!


  • Our layout service includes the placing of text and graphics as well as formatting. It is immaterial to us whether the original material is sent to us as paper hard copy or in electronic and other formats, for example as a PDF file.